7 tips to save the evening

Going out tonight? Have fun! That’s how you stay safe.

  1. First of all – eat something

Reward yourself with something to eat before going out for some drinks. Don’t give up on it.  It is recommended to eat foods rich in carbohydrates and fat that will pad your stomach and defend it against the alcohol. Avoid acidic foods. It’s time to have some juicy sandwiches, delicious toasts and pastas with butter and cream.

  1. Plan your evening

Alcohol may impair your decision-making capacity. Therefore, it’s good to know in advance where and with whom you are going out, as well as when, how and with whom you are going to return home. Charge your mobile phone and take enough cash to return home safely by public transport, taxi or with a designated driver.

  1. One glass of water per drink at the least

Alcohol tends to dry out the body by accelerating the urine production, which may cause headaches, dry mouth, fatigue and dehydration. A hangover is just a sign of dehydration. Drinking water during the entire evening (a glass of water per drink) and before going to bed will prevent such an effect, and will significantly reduce the impact of dehydration.

  1. Leave the car at home

Don’t drink and drive! It is more than just a slogan. In addition to the risk of causing an accident, the awful scenarios of driving under the influence of alcohol include losing your license for two years, probation and fines.

  1. Keep an eye on your drink

Alcohol tends to make us friendlier, however, do not leave your drink unattended and watch out when you get a drink from a complete stranger. The reasons are obvious.

  1. Do your best to be the perfect host and an ideal guest

Perfect hosts serve cocktails that contain a reasonable dose of alcohol and are accompanied by tasty refreshments, which allow having fun throughout the evening (see recommendations in Section 1). Perfect hosts rely on ideal guests, who don’t consider the peak of the evening to be when you or they end up lying unconscious on the couch in the living room.

  1. Get home safely

You should always return home with a designated driver, by bus, by taxi or by foot. Do not drive after drinking and don’t let your drunk friends drive as well – you won’t get too far this way.