Alcoholic beverages, wine and beer are fun. They are an integral part of our culture and our social life. When consumed responsibly in moderation, they make us happy and it is perfectly understandable why they are served at every celebration and party. However, excessive alcohol consumption leads to addiction, diseases and injuries. Heavy drinking is also associated with various psychological and social disadvantages.

This website was developed by Tempo to provide comprehensive and reliable information about alcohol consumption. It will help you understand how to draw the line between responsible and irresponsible drinking. This site should not be considered a recommendation or encouragement to drink alcohol

In Israel, serving or selling alcohol is allowed to adults from the age of 18.

Many studies show that parents and social environment have the greatest degree of influence on young people. It turns out that regulation, as stringent as it may be, cannot compare to the significance of the influence that parents and educators have on children and teenagers, when it comes to acquiring drinking habits. According to common sense, there is no reason for parents not to teach their teenage children how and what to drink, just as they taught them how to cross the road safely when they were little. On this website, we strive to provide the tools and comprehensive information that will allow to do so reliably and efficiently.