Having a meal before going out

Avocado, pasta, borek (oh yeah!) and all the good stuff you should eat before, during, and after drinking

09_avocado 09_Cheese_Sandwich 09_Pasta

Professional partygoers say that having a meal before going out is a pleasure that can change your evening’s scenario for the better. Drinking on an empty stomach shocks your body. It is somewhat similar to running without warming up and riding a motorcycle without a helmet. The reason is simple: Alcohol drunk without eating beforehand will be absorbed faster and will attack the liver, digestive system, kidneys, cardiovascular system and blood vessels.

The solution is easy and delicious.

Recommendations: eat high-fat foods, preferably containing high amounts of natural fat, which will delay the absorption of alcohol.

During the night out

Pretzels, olives, potato chips and various mezes you’ll find in every pub or supermarket are an effective solution to go with your drinks. Want to take care of yourself? Don’t drink  all your money – eat It as well It is not a way to save money, but rather an investment.

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When the party is over

Taking a walk to check out all the places that are open late at night is a showcase of all the useful to those who have been partying for hours: sausages and pastries are calling for you! That’s what your body needs and your soul desires. Although, remember that food should also be consumed in moderation to avoid overloading your digestive system, which can cause vomiting.

09_HotDog 09_Burekas 09_Jachnun_

Before, after and during the party – the healthy version

If you’re not a fan of fast food, any high-fat dish may work. Avocado, nuts, peanut butter, oatmeal, whole grains and legumes – all these will efficiently delay alcohol absorption.

09_Nuts 09_Hummus 09_rice